Just An Innocent Man (?)

Witness him Standing out on the rain soaked street Thunder greets him with a haughty eye And the clouds ask God To give him a handful of five Why Just an innocent man Just an innocent man trying to live Just an innocent man trying to find happiness So he straddles the stop sign Cigarette […]

That Was You, America

I felt something die again today my eyes at the unforgiving nature of humanity beating and burying who don’t agree my ears at the screams of the living dead we see them everyday but who knows until ends my heart at the catastrophe raging over every part of our world when will we look up […]

An Aspergian Poem On Domestic Violence

I wrote this poem with my blogger and Twitter friend Kendra Lynn (her blog here, https://misslynn1.wordpress.com/) on my mind. Following her incredible work has inspired me to read and become more aware of the plight of so many women (and men, believe it or not), and I felt compelled to write about the subject. Her […]

#OctPoWriMo Day Twenty Two Prompt: Dangerous Men Only Need A Closed Door

  He says he loves you in light of friends but treats you like shit when the lights are off You say he isn’t dangerous, but his sins are written on the body that he used to love The Tango is an invented stanzaic form introduced by Chiquita LoJuana Gonzolas Sills. The Tango is: stanzaic, […]