Silent Warrior

There’s no expiration date on words Or the volumes they speak when written Passionately and proactively Used as spears against the calvary Swords against the horsemen And flaming arrows into the windows of hate I used to be bullied I used to be beaten But you don’t see me talk about it For what’s to […]

The Inside Tells A Different Story

Machine The dream Bursting oil drums at the metal seams Cascade Deranged Busting bodies on every foreign plane Watching the blood drip from their eyelids Seeing the burkas shred with the blast The children can’t fight back, they run that Underground bunker killing our insurgents Ding ding, the bullets ricochet off metal plates Boom boom, […]

That Was You, America

I felt something die again today my eyes at the unforgiving nature of humanity beating and burying who don’t agree my ears at the screams of the living dead we see them everyday but who knows until ends my heart at the catastrophe raging over every part of our world when will we look up […]

The War Of Poetic Conviction

Convention waging endless war against my unwavering condition arrows of all kinds and sizes fly through the air in mass darkening the sun as it rises tipped with oil, tipped with fire they rarely kill but injure greatly designed to cause will to waver and crumble when the infantry comes later day and night the […]