He Had Visitors

Why do you want me to be Unhappy Why do you want me to be Enslaved I feel your thumbs round the insides of my cheeks And tap the tip of the tongue Your spit cascades into my nostrils And wells up in my gums I will not swallow, I cannot speak Beneath me, my […]


Red For the blood on my hands And the remains of the heart Still frantically beating underneath poached skin Red For the children who never matured with grace or dignity And saw age forced upon them for the sake of sex Still pulsating, their genitalia could hardly keep up Red, oh Red There was always […]

Death Calls From Not Long Ago

Raw lines slip from the corner of thawed eyes shattered in slowness of overwhelming disgrace streaming from my face goes the purity I once called breath now I am inhabited by gorges and craters that leave me speechless vast emptiness unexplained unfulfilled except for when paper is placed before me and I have a certain […]

An Aspergian Sheds Some Tears, And Light, On His Personal Abuse Story

Coming down off the high of reaching 100 posts, I’ve decided to share a little personal story for my post tonight. It’s not a poem, because I struggled to think clearly long enough to write anything that made sense. I will probably write a poem later and post that, but not tonight. Tonight, I just […]