Your Hands

A separate body Is not yours to decide Fate It is, however, a consequence Of an action you chose Is it ever right to decide Who is allowed to live and die As if we ever earned the right of nature It seems, rather, that you exterminate (Yes, I must use such a powerful blow) […]

I Don’t Need Your Guilt, I’ve Got Enough Of My Own

White light Switch back to the darkness they can’t see Black shadows hide my nature And you are so afraid Psychotic and punished by my brain I take these streets My brothers face down for nothing wrong Fuck the police, the city, our people’s song Cause sometimes I really hate you Turn on the news, […]

Taking Back My Life

White light Switch the day to night Black as whips Cross my skin I fight As breath is faint and light Cross my body go chains of steel I fail As hunger burns heavy and tight The American Dream is frail As the tears that take vision from my eyes From my family, from my […]

We’re Playing Dress Up and Democracy Is Our Chains

Take me from this church, I don’t belong to life Humans shattering bones with blood And taking life with a million knives Ingrained in our society the absence of rights Despite aged documents we claim to live by Ingrained in our food, flowing in our water Chemicals and poisons that shove us farther Into the […]

Reinstate Jim Crow

I hate people that feel entitled Fuck if I don’t invite you Fuck if the world doesn’t give to you We’re born to everything But granted nothing Breath is temporary, life is a gift Time is a tool, but even the greatest craftsmen Have accidents My ancestors were slaves, man I know what it’s like […]

There’s A Time To Be Silent, But Now Is Not

There’s a time to be a free There’s a time to roam and unleash Everything you’ve kept inside King of the underground, my rhymes are arrows Your heart is the sparrow Fluttering to Earth I’ve been shaken since birth By the question of value and worth There’s a time to feel like a king But […]