What If I Told You

  What if I told you I wasn’t alone and I had been lying to you like her I like you (I adore you) You’re a good person (You’re my everything) I think I’ll see you soon (I love you already) The darkness peels back as the fabrics fall off silky skin Clothing lies in […]

The Cure (?)For Autism, Part Two

Speaking of the inside, that brings me to the point of this article. I titled this “The Cure For Autism” because I have it. I’ve spent a lot of time on this blog talking about the affects of Aspergers on me, and how I go about modifying my life to balance both my internal needs […]

Daytime Is A Bastard To My Existence

Cast aside, torn apart by wolves picked clean by vultures and sapped of any manhood left by the desperate  wishing not to be able to walk when morning light strikes their thighs still gleaming from my light injected into their living yet lifeless souls trudging in the desert, frost bitten by the night the moon […]

Flashbacks: What People Don’t Know About This Aspie

I’m extremely self-conscious about the things I do, as with my horde of extremely awkward Aspie tendencies I’ve become very aware of when I’m crossing the line. I know other people know, and the combination of self awareness and peer pressure, I find public outings to be the bane of my existence. People too. There’s […]