Live While You Can, Love While You’re Free

Fleeting is the fostering Of children When the love between two goes south The funeral home is awaiting the toll But your children hardly grow old Only in fingers passed through rings Or bars they’ve stood behind Orange isn’t a color for everyone So stop sending them away, please Fate wouldn’t seem to mind But […]

There’s A Time To Be Silent, But Now Is Not

There’s a time to be a free There’s a time to roam and unleash Everything you’ve kept inside King of the underground, my rhymes are arrows Your heart is the sparrow Fluttering to Earth I’ve been shaken since birth By the question of value and worth There’s a time to feel like a king But […]

Our Boys Aren’t Alright

(Inspired by Home of the fatherless Roads paved by the wanderers This country is lost, losing all sense of sense Splurging dollars but scraping cents Because the boys have no essence No authority at home, we walk the lonely No leadership to follow, we become the lonely Looking up to boosters, pimps, any homie […]