Remove Humanity, Remove Sin

Shuttle me to chapel street

Tackle my desire to trade in eternity

For bad decisions

Baltimore city drowns in ports of poor

Drinking but never quenched

Eating yet having room for more

The bank of nationwide luck is closed

But the bar stays open all the time

Take out on the corner for a dream

And I know she’s down to buy

But the tax on freedom is a little extra

And I’m on the wrong pay cycle

Knees Sam Bradford, can hardly stick around

There’s apartments galore

Yet few homes in this town

The church asks for money

The pastor asks for money

The stripper asks for money

The president asks for money

Is there no one who loves for who we are

And doesn’t attach a price tag to breath?

The perks of those Stars and Stripes

The cunning of Ford and Toyota

Death machines

Not in service, the marvel of America fails again

State law is just a bandaid

Remove humanity, remove the sin

Aspergers Poetry

We’re All Long Gone

ripples so clear
light so long
water so blue
hopeful this song
yet short is time
fast are days
quick are goodbyes
just enough to pray
moments are the reflections
on this bridge of life
some see mine as dark and murky
others their single shining sun
I don’t know who to believe
because I see mine as both
but I’m no judge
just a convict in a game
of puppeteers
and paupers
hoping to grope just a little longer
at their long empty bottles

Fading Essence Of Time




They’re watching


Done all they can

And then more

Stabbed by time

Bleeding love

Hands on a pale chest

Are terrible sutures

Struggling to grasp

The essence of moments

Drifting away

As the hand drops

From three to six

To be together

Might have to be

The last wish

There’s nothing to do

Come on

You can do it

You have to

I have only you

Only you

But she forgot how

To turn on her love

So fading away

In the very first scene

With his newlywed

Beside his bed



Fate is on a rout

Aspergers Poetry

The War Of Poetic Conviction



waging endless war

against my unwavering condition

arrows of all kinds

and sizes

fly through the air in mass

darkening the sun as it rises

tipped with oil, tipped with fire

they rarely kill

but injure greatly

designed to cause will to waver

and crumble when the infantry

comes later

day and night the siege rains on

they cannot hold this city

but for so long

no food to re-wire my mind

no fountain to make me young again

cutting off my life support

the empty space I need to breathe

sanity drains from my mind

through an eternal sieve

even my blood turns a cold shoulder

like I’m afraid of living

the days of old

just when the night seems to end

the moon folds it’s hand

sneaking a cunning glance

at the sun and stars

as he pulls his winnings in a pile

the dawn turns towards the deceivers

eyes reddened with intense flame

with searing pain destroys the enemy

from this son comes poetic conviction

that topples the medical profession’s

worthless predictions

tone and diction, I’ve got it in my hand

to rally my soul brothers and sisters

it’s all part of my plan

The Good Doctor and Christian Wolf be damned

I’m tired of seeing us misinterpreted

given superhuman traits

just to make a cute story

our story isn’t for your entertainment

rather our struggles

cause lifelong derailment

tell them I’m coming

I’m going ham


Aspergers Poetry

Desperation Underneath The Ink Of Humility


As the wind blows

ripping fast across my back

I think of light, near and far

and a call to come home

It’s nearly eight

not too late

but I feel the urge to write

and call to come home

I’m here, alone

like you normally find me

If you kept a calendar, you’d always know

that I’ve always wanted to go home

As the twinkling dots amass in size

I close my eyes

and forget the time

that I wanted to go home

The fading, in and out

keeps me locked in wonder of their whereabouts

and I forget I wanted to go home

Lost in a forest

of thick brush

and emotional peaks and pits

Troubled thoughts

from suffering from your pyramid scheme

I’m dizzy

please tell me this is a dream

Freezing water

laps behind me

and as the wind grows fiercer

I tighten my jacket around me

I do a lot of weird stuff

but I had to come here

at this day, at this time

to let you know

that I’m coming home


Fellow Bloggers Poetry Writing Prompts

Catching Up



I just found out about this on one of my favorite blogs, and I realized I had to do it. I’ve always hated writing prompts, but this is the first time I’ve seen a poetry prompt and I thought I’d try it out. Feedback is greatly accepted since this is something new I’m doing and I’d to like to hear from other poets. I’m four days behind, I’m going to post four poems in this post and then one each day. (Unless I get behind again. Hopefully not.)

Time to

take the ashes

of our love, remnants be damned

Temporary was our loving

Temporary was our living


The void

leading to death

was like nothing, so peaceful

You knew you were going quickly

and you were too eager to slit


Sparkling so

brightly, eyes so

green there is none more lovely

mature stature so becoming

To have you, I think I would kill



bruises on skin

from man you loved hitting

you in the face and taking life

from the once lively girl you were



Pensee found in the Caulkins Handbook stresses exact syllable count and strong end words. This invented verse form was first introduced by American poet and educator, Alice Spokes. It can be found on line at Instant Poetry Forms for Kids

The Pensee is:

  • a pentastich, a poem in 5 lines.
  • syllabic, 2-4-7-8-8 syllables per line.
  • unrhymed.
  • titled

(I found this prompt on one of my favorite blogs,