Published On SpillWords!

Hey everybody. I’ve been feeling down lately and wasn’t in the mood to publish any poetry tonight. I DID get published again on SpillWords. My poem, “Pleadings Against The Preposterous”, got published yesterday and I’d hope you’d take the time to read. (It’s about teenage suicide) Pleadings Against The Preposterous      

A Black Man’s Views On (REAL) Black Problems

 The forecast calls for rain mixed with a little bit of snow The winds come and go and they hum a slow beat along the trees and buildings they meet The puddles, birthed by the rain overflowing and blanketing the lane in a mirror like sheet The blood of this city the sins of this […]

Dear WordPress, I Start My First Job Today!

Today marks a HUGE milestone for me: The beginning of my very first job! After years of rejected applications and botched interviews, I didn’t think I’d get hired. But, that’s why God’s good. Just when you think you’ve failed, he opens a door and lifts you up. I came in two weeks ago, thinking I […]