Unwanted Reasoning

The voice sits beside me giving not an eye to my humble disgrace I’ve given my future children to the soles of my shoes I’ve mustered every excuse as to why I couldn’t do My brain needs more and I need us so what if I lose a little memory then a little too much […]

Appreciate Today

sometimes I look out into the confusing world speeding around in infinity do we ever stop to appreciate the little moments the precious slivers of heaven that grace us but so often yet so well I’m guilty of living in my fantasy instead of a less gratifying but oh, so overwhelmingly necessary reality I’m afraid […]

Full Pockets But Empty Hearts

full pockets but empty hearts souls in the dredges but naked breasts drowning in the earnings of husbands strip the world bare and see the pain cover the world in a sheet and see the virgin blood cover one eye and see enough death for a lifetime cover both and hear enough tears to make […]