You Only Know Who You Think I Am

Poetically cunning words leaving brains and hearts humming and while you’re eager to read on you only know who you think I am late night writes with Pete Wentz in my ears in attempt to ward off nightmarish fears but I put on a smile to cover it up so you only know who you […]

Taking My Own Life

I just might give up on life maybe get reincarnated and allowed to make it right everywhere I go people seem to be laughing and everywhere I go the masquerade is crashing I’m not ten anymore, I can’t hide behind my family I’m nearly an adult, even though I don’t want to be I don’t […]

Autism Awareness Month Post Eight: I’ve Got Troubled Thoughts, And A Self Esteem To Match

One of my favorite Fall Out Boy lyrics, “I’ve got troubled thoughts and a self esteem to match” matches perfectly with my inner dwellings as someone with Aspergers. I’ve always had issues with doubt, confidence, poise, and joy. I mean, it’s hard to believe in yourself when every time you go out you laugh at […]

College: Why I’m Incapable Of Functioning In This World

I’m not going to spend many words on this, because it’s pretty simple. My college experience lasted a big ‘ol two days. Why? Because I’m so stupid I didn’t realize when the financial aid advisor says “you can’t register for classes unless you have a GED or High School diploma”, you don’t then proceed to […]

An Aspergian’s Fears About Being Himself

How the last few days have felt, in one picture I’m self-conscious (overly) regarding my Aspergers and how it relates to others. I feel when I’m stuttering, or when the anxiety starts rising, or when people start looking at me weird. I just ball up inside and start crying. A lot of times, I actually […]

I’m An Alien On The Wrong Planet

Today was awful. My weekly WAMTAC meeting (read here for more went poorly, and not because of anything anyone did, to me or else. I simply had a nervous breakdown today. I couldn’t talk, I didn’t want to talk, and I added very little to the group. I felt awful not contributing, but I couldn’t […]

Dear Casket, With Scenes Of Romance

(Author’s Note: HEY EVERYBODY. I’ve been really sick, and while I’m still not better, I felt good enough to publish this. Hope you enjoy)   Dear Casket with scenes of romance Why did you try to mask it You knew we had no chance July Thirty First to December Twenty Seventh She might have been […]