Unearthing Skeletons

I’m breaking curses Flip the switches to see their filth Leaving them behind today Tomorrow sees new ground being broken They might see me as the token But I’m the giant in their midst Admiring the work that’s been done And what’s left to be It’s inevitable The way they talk behind my back I […]

Bored (Simply Writing About Autism)

I became bored Simply writing about autism I felt like every one else Just going on about the downfalls The misery, the mistakes It shouldn’t be ignored But it has its place I call it An Aspergian’s Chemical Romance Because I mix love with the acidic burn Of a childhood gone to waste The adoration […]

Words Collapse Boundaries Of Mind

Pour it out On the streets, into their homes Into the oceans, into their clothes Wash their brains, rinse the craniums These words are me And I am made of them Through pain and panic, they’ve built walls To the outside world that doesn’t accept me Through loss and longing, they’ve built roads To the […]

Session Two

It’s business This pain against you Ensnared in the Dream, no one Can rescue you The end is near And so very far away With every day you age You get younger Dumber Lifeless as a pen on a shelf Waiting to be made into the abstract Motionless inside half beating heart Comatose Living and […]

Walk Out…Of The Darkness Of Conscious

They walk out Where I walk in Limited knowledge of the system Is where the system gets the final win Reform of any kind in this country Requires white skin and lots Lots of money That’s the system And we’re all the victims You think that missing school Brings them back The power is grateful […]

Not Breaking, But Broken

I’m still addicted to their bodies dancing in the pretense of love at night it’s sinful to desire such actions that strip away morality, security and life but that’s me skilled at little vain and arrogant in much tonight I don’t want likes or comments just some honesty for once but that’s just me too […]