Important and Unnecessary

A pipeline to success

Still have to figure out the rest

A platform with no purpose

Is the fastest ticket southward

Media shuttles ideas for people too dense

Then when the bus breaks down they’re lost

Never caring to think on their own

Crossing guards are politicians

Both important and unnecessary

People will do good on their own

People will do evil on their own

The only question is how you witness it

Are you the deer crushed by a locomotive

Or the voyeur

Watching his sister discover what passion is

Worn down watching the spectacle of man

Sane and insane

Indebted with greatness

but extraordinarily carefree

In culling itself


She’s Missing, Not Gone

She’s missing
Not gone
There’s a difference, lovely
People feel the need to crave
Loved ones are not loved, simply a high
Hated ones are not hated, simply fuel
People feel the need to control
Loved ones are not family, but familiar
Hated ones are not outcasts, but plastic casts
I am constantly missing
And forever gone
My relation to you is whether you value me
As a piece on the board
The edges of society’s plate
Or a vibrant, echoing voice
Of which the beginning and end
Has no date

Full Pockets But Empty Hearts

full pockets
but empty hearts
souls in the dredges
but naked breasts drowning
in the earnings of husbands
strip the world bare
and see the pain
cover the world in a sheet
and see the virgin blood
cover one eye
and see enough death for a lifetime
cover both and hear
enough tears to make the Nile feel shame
cry me a river
politicians and presidents
commissioners and consumers
but you cannot drown out the siren song
of this dying planet
and the souls chained to her bow
take us to Mars
but can you take back the convictions
wrongful but steadfast
run through my heart an iron mast
and it will keep me from enduring
but that’s what they hope
we forget to hold on
so I do
and the setting sun as my guide
I will until there’s no more

Silence Heals My Insane


There’s a silence

That heals the insane

The wild, racing part of me

Never kept in check

By a voracious heartbeat

Dying to love you more

But hiding it all in life

Manic meltdowns

Leading to tear soaked pages

And curses uttered

From bottomless agony

Never meant to harm

But to release me

From the grapple of

The darkness

I still somehow

Can’t escape


The Arrogance I Shine

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bent and broken

my face the token

of your socialite policy

fears and flames awoken

by the silent shaming

of ears pricked up

hairs peeled back

when I make a statement

misinterpret a joke

the costume falls flat

and now I’m forced to reconcile

into the life and love I never had

it was plain to see

but it took them to crucify my heart

betrayed by a suicidal mind

to see the reality

I had ignored for so much time

they don’t care for me

they’re not the friends for me

don’t understand me

can’t reprimand me

because I do the same thing


because I don’t care about a thing


while you sit around waiting for me to change

oh hey

I’m insane

the arrogance I shine

tans you like an ultraviolet ray

I don’t think about what I say

because I really was born this way

I take no for an answer

because I’ll say yes to myself

I dish it because I can take it

look at the hand the devil’s dealt

feel the welts

no, they’re on the inside

feel the shockwaves

they flow every time

you start speaking

I start leaking

every ounce of content

until I’m bursting with anger

and all darkness

ceases with one final dagger

to the soul

now silent again


The Darkness Chokes The Sense Of The Homeless


The darkness chokes the sense

of the homeless

throwing punches of humility

and stealing the cents out of hats

too big to fit the head of a ten year old boy

silence awakens the mind of a soldier

trapped in a traumatized mind

he marches up and down his home to Iraqi time

and swings an AK around his head like a toy

bullets rain down in a cascade of calamity

and with the blindness of humanity

there’s more to this never ending story

of birth, disappointment, and death

medicine buys you an extra breath

but takes away twice the life

adults cheat on each other

teens resort to the knife

and poor babies, they don’t get any rights

there’s more vacant houses on a single block

than the times the gangster will cock his glock

at the very thought of red and blue

shallow crooks like Hillary say they know what it’s like

If only they knew

an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth

here’s some ecstasy and pot

in exchange for our youth

mom’s leave their children

in search of better pay

while feminists overlook the rising level of strokes

and the blood in the streets from where kids lay

nobody to guide them, that’s fine

let Justin Bieber lead the way

but he won’t give them back their time

tired of hearing about gender

while the news makes everything about race

let’s focus instead on treating each other like humans

because we all belong in this place