Scars From History We Don’t Teach

Razors are annoying Cutting too much Too little Scarring the face, lost in the race To achieve something Four ugly scars on one side Two on the other It’s quite shameful What could they say? Nothing? Or everything? The in between is the disaster Politics are annoying Cutting out too much of the poor Cutting … Continue reading Scars From History We Don’t Teach

Taken From Home

Pain of travel No one cares About the breathing Time whips the human soul Out of its body Broken bones aren’t as weak As the shattered mind Individual Rendered Inept Aboard the oceans Across the ships Never to return home Never to return Peace and prosperity White sands become the enemy Yet white men Become … Continue reading Taken From Home

But He Had Slaves Too

500 mystic eden No stopping Reserved parking Caroline dances on Handlebar Cafe Fitting the point inside till the other dancers Are green with envy The tattoo of silver bonds on her thighs Shows her availability for love and list tonight Her future is for rent Sorrow a one way street Fifteen minute limit The national … Continue reading But He Had Slaves Too

On Swift Wings

Sitting alone By the window sill It’s late into the night Wind is sleeping People aren’t stirring But her eyes are open wide Yawning loudly She checks her watch First customer of the night Adjust her straps Folds her hands And breathes in deeply Hoping she’ll get another chance To say goodbye Walking down steps … Continue reading On Swift Wings

Trapped In The Sex Trade

  The clock ticks 5:06 does the time read and in gathering her thoughts for what lay ahead her heart did bleed body worn pleasing the fantasies of ravenous wolves that only prey on innocent voices who know not how strong they are there's only so many holes the human body has to offer but … Continue reading Trapped In The Sex Trade