27 Riding off into the dark Not a thank you Nor a middle finger Just a sigh To keep the bind Passing time Till I blend my rhyme With the flame in your eye That punishes my good Rewards my bad And makes me wonder Where I’ve been along Time never seemed emptier Days never […]

I Love You…Somehow Just Isn’t Enough

I love you Resting in my heart You’ve tied my hands around your face And left me speechless In the wake of my doubt and distraction Opening my love to others And my voice to you Spinning in endless circles with you I’ve found a place I can call home I found people I can […]

Somewhat Complacent

The sun’s coming out I think it wants to talk To me To me? What have I done Nothing really Just a mess of life Confusing mercy with right Somewhat complacent In forever being better and worse Than the man in the mirror That’s me Who, me? Always thinking of something better And doing far […]

Session Two

It’s business This pain against you Ensnared in the Dream, no one Can rescue you The end is near And so very far away With every day you age You get younger Dumber Lifeless as a pen on a shelf Waiting to be made into the abstract Motionless inside half beating heart Comatose Living and […]

We’re Playing Dress Up and Democracy Is Our Chains

Take me from this church, I don’t belong to life Humans shattering bones with blood And taking life with a million knives Ingrained in our society the absence of rights Despite aged documents we claim to live by Ingrained in our food, flowing in our water Chemicals and poisons that shove us farther Into the […]

Darkness Dances On The Inside

she comes black eyes, green dress laced with white silk, delicate destructor of my pine heart strong but everlasting in failure to withstand her strikes lightning quick hands envelop me dance, she begs dance with me soon I am trapped in her wonder tears flow from seemingly ancient face yet young as a babe each […]

Would You Rather Be The Disease Or The Cure

Quiet room never empty, never full always wishing someone or something could find in it a use sitting in the heat of summer and the cool of winter initials carved in the bed frame remind the emptiness how much he misses her dust collects on unattended shelves as the shadows take off their masks and […]