Of All The Girls In The World

Of all the girls in the world I don’t think there’s one for me of all the girls in the world there’s not one that I can see blinded by autistic cuffs I’m desensitized to anyone’s love and they’d never know it because I don’t talk about my struggles afraid to scare people away but […]

Fifty Shades Darker Than Dakota’s Dreams

Through the shades of my words you see the pain You feel hurt, you feel soaked in the wake of fear and shame An acidic rain of biblical proportions when I cannot live as you expect me to so I go through the motions just to impress you but I hurt me every time I […]

I Take Your Equality And Stick It Where The Sun Doesn’t Shine

 I don’t believe you and it’s not hard to see why You all claim to be inclusive but judging by your treatment of us in the classroom it’s clear that’s another of your lies Failing to teach to the strengths of all your students you lose ones that struggle with forty peers so nine to […]

Aspergians, They Can’t Know What You Don’t Say…Or Write

I’ll end up like you lost among the years drowned in a pool of tears and gagged by silent fears How such accomplishments could go overlooked is a testament to the density of human will to hide the healing truth to bury the real fountain of youth men desperate enough to kill If you expect […]