go, die now

the world suffers and burnswith scars never endingI stand backand light another matchone day they’ll understandI may bethe key to ending your painor the scapegoat that begsfor moreyou never wanted to be so freeand I always wantedto be like youbut you laughed, you mockedso I will kill, I will chalk upevery last pint of bloodto […]

Shades Of Gray

They don’t reflect me Not the buildings, not the glass, not the pages Not the law, not the movement, not the puzzle piece that they think I am Not simply a pawn in April’s misinformation Not a rat in the race to fix broken relations The glue in the shoes of those who care most […]

Important and Unnecessary

A pipeline to success Still have to figure out the rest A platform with no purpose Is the fastest ticket southward Media shuttles ideas for people too dense Then when the bus breaks down they’re lost Never caring to think on their own Crossing guards are politicians Both important and unnecessary People will do good […]

We Don’t Ask Questions

Why don’t we ask more questions Why do we do that Just do Just doing enough to get by Just doing enough to make a living Just enough to feed our wives and children Enough to be buried When you’ve had enough And forgotten When they’ve had enough Tell me a story, they ask me […]

Locked Up Memory (Content Warning)

take out your wrist no, all the way stick me with all your pain your depression, anxiety, and marital struggles drown me in the empty bottles suck me off to make it all go away it’s okay, I’ll just sit and take it look at the window, there goes my summer fall, winter, and spring […]

#OctPoWriMo Day Thirteen and Fourteen Prompts: Flowing Shameful

  Flowing rivers and streams Water droplets on windshields They all come from the same places They are all such beautiful sights     Shameful the drinks drunken the people you left behind They were really worth all those drinks? Those drinks, they were more important? Pensee found in the Caulkins Handbook stresses exact syllable […]