He Had Visitors

Why do you want me to be Unhappy Why do you want me to be Enslaved I feel your thumbs round the insides of my cheeks And tap the tip of the tongue Your spit cascades into my nostrils And wells up in my gums I will not swallow, I cannot speak Beneath me, my … Continue reading He Had Visitors


Red For the blood on my hands And the remains of the heart Still frantically beating underneath poached skin Red For the children who never matured with grace or dignity And saw age forced upon them for the sake of sex Still pulsating, their genitalia could hardly keep up Red, oh Red There was always … Continue reading Red

Every Inch Of You Is Another Stripe of Agony

Never mind, I don’t need you The earth closes over any trace of you And shuddering skies thunder and storm At the mention of your name Forgive me if I was ignorant and young Forgive me if I was impressionable and eager To please every inch of your royal throne Illustrious and lacking in beauty … Continue reading Every Inch Of You Is Another Stripe of Agony

Between Bleeding and Breathing

I want to love you But I can’t There’s something sensual And quite offensive In the youth of your hands Sometimes you’re fantastic And I’d gladly lie by your side Take up your mantle Riding with you till the end of the line Shadows in the foreground Never scare me, never steal time When I’m … Continue reading Between Bleeding and Breathing

Bring Me Back From The Comatose

Sit on me and grind away Eyes closed, face down My mind isn’t here, it’s miles away And I’d run away if it wasn’t for your lips Red with the blood of my future Eyes dripping with the black of my present and my past I’m such a miserable mess But you bring me back … Continue reading Bring Me Back From The Comatose

On Swift Wings

Sitting alone By the window sill It’s late into the night Wind is sleeping People aren’t stirring But her eyes are open wide Yawning loudly She checks her watch First customer of the night Adjust her straps Folds her hands And breathes in deeply Hoping she’ll get another chance To say goodbye Walking down steps … Continue reading On Swift Wings

Only My Guilt Knows

I descend a staircase littered with shreds of newspaper and leftover condoms the lights are dim and the air, stale but the memories are bright and here, rise high my leavened bread eaten everyday by anguish shoved in my face, they know I need the drain in the center is rusted and clogged with people … Continue reading Only My Guilt Knows

Playing To The Beat Of The Winds

silent rolling hills grasses still as the trees standing above them watchful soldiers on the eve of battle there's a flower garden too yellow and purple petals particularly pushy each inching higher than the other for light red brick preventing further advance Stonewall Jackson come again there's a pretty little girl dancing in the middle … Continue reading Playing To The Beat Of The Winds

The Menace Inside Makes Me Young Again

Shadows convene at the edge of every alley one foot planted in reality the other against the wall smoking cigarettes by the carton breathing in the toxic waste of a choking humanity and out come black fumes so sensual in wafting from nostril to nostril even the prostitute looks up from her slumber and pleasures … Continue reading The Menace Inside Makes Me Young Again