Roaming Rebel

tethered to family to work to future to borders unlike you roaming and curious freelancing and innocently delirious floating in the ethers of heaven and earth unlike me you’re not battered by expectations I told you I adored your inner rebel, no fucks given, none taken, one finger to the sky you’ll find your own … Continue reading Roaming Rebel

Her Right Eye

take our love break it over your mouth purple juices splatter on our hands drip down your neck between breasts the vessel of light magnified I lose track of your eyes, bowing now to clean up our mess wet tongue on the parched skin did I pass the test or should I look up at … Continue reading Her Right Eye

Her Fever Dream

eyes close flutter open in a wicked craze then close I am tired of living and why should I love again it is sent but not returned written and spoken but never kept inside lost in translation, there is no confirmation miserable silence and I wonder if I’m wasting my breath on someone who’s blind … Continue reading Her Fever Dream