Heaven Knows

Heaven knows I’m past the age of redemption And hell knows I’m far too young To place a reservation Strapped to eclectic chairs of electric insanity Watching people torment and torture Revoke and revolt at the issues they allowed To boil over and burn them in their indecency If you hate the president your country […]

Man In The Mirror

I knew my past Would haunt me in the future When I took a long look in the mirror I saw someone neither dead nor alive Simply hovering, at best, over a plane not yet understood Both the angels and demons tugged at his soul for ownership But he budged not Quietly contemplating the oddities […]

I Don’t Like Listening

I don’t like listening At least not to you The same ‘ok news, the same ‘ol Breaking, boring news It’s excruciating to bear Pretending I care about celebrities I couldn’t care less, whether they gained Or lost But their lives are pushed on me as real Images barraged upon souls as if they were gods […]