What Does It Mean

I want to be friends

But I’m a terrible friend

I reply

But what does it mean to reply?

Is it simply agreeing

Or following the hints at a greater point?

I don’t know

I want to be loved

But I’m a terrible lover

I love

But I honestly can’t explain the feeling

And I dunno if anyone’s ever loved me back

Is it actions? Is it words? Both? None?

I don’t know


Back To The Drawing Board

Back to the drawing board

‘Ol drawing board

Where I pour out all my issues and emotions

One of the few things to which I show devotion

One line, two lines, ten lines, it’s quite a potion

Next moment I’ve lost track of three hours

They’re screaming at me three times louder

I can hear them from the basement shower

And echo from the hilltop tower

I can hear the raining in my head, and my eyes

Are like windows left open in the summer

The tears pour from the inside, paper not dry

Every single drop is a little wish of goodbye

Every single ruined page is another lie

That you discover

I’m not unlike any other


It hurts, the cyclones, hurricanes in my head

Beating the inside till I’m speechless and numb

But the fatal flaws are hardly awake but livid

And they seek out my innocence, want it dead

These words are a plea for help from it all

I can’t catch myself, so I just might fall

Neither Writing Nor Rioting

I’m talking to you
Yes, the one who hasn’t said a word
Who hasn’t raised his hand
Hardly given the teacher a glance
No, he’s not here. Not ever.
He’s writing to a girl he hopes to meet
From Ohio. Wisconsin. Or Massachusetts.
Dreaming of a wonderful life together.
Frolicking in the snow, and the passion
Between keeps them warm
He’s rioting on the steps of City Hall
Tears in his eyes he asks for justice
True justice, a calling not for more action
But in silence
Hear the angels in still whispers
And in heaven’s lights take back the night
He wants to see his people free
He’s neither writing nor rioting
Sitting nor standing
Just being himself
Just being
A little loud at times
Too shy for others
But the goal is real
And the passion unlike another

Good Job, Humanity

Who thought cranes were a good idea?
I mean, seriously
Putting one guy
On the top of a thin tower of metal
Taller than some buildings often times
To battle storms
Wind or rain
This isn’t progress, it’s lunacy
But hey, what about highways?
Oh yeah, it’s so cool that so many
Go over large bodies of water
And they’re made out of concrete
Suspended by ropes or wires
Yes, ropes or wires
I’m laughing so hard my stomach muscles
Just announced retirement
Speaking of that, how about football players
Since when did humans have thick skulls
To protect our brains from vicious collisions
Like rhinos or species of dinosaur
CTE just might rhyme with money
But increases in retirees does not

Live While You Can, Love While You’re Free

Fleeting is the fostering

Of children

When the love between two goes south

The funeral home is awaiting the toll

But your children hardly grow old

Only in fingers passed through rings

Or bars they’ve stood behind

Orange isn’t a color for everyone

So stop sending them away, please

Fate wouldn’t seem to mind

But the bridge to redemption

Is running out of time

Worldwide calamity dawned by professionals

(There’s a cat missing

His name is hobo

I’m not sure I’m too surprised anymore)

Downtowns crowded with the homeless

While the March for our lives is mocked

Why do they do it when nobody cares

Brewing for a fight, politicians use puppets

Breath and bones never comprehended

To my fellow youth, this is a one way street

So rise up, scream until the rocks cry out

Live while you can


While you’re free

Remove Humanity, Remove Sin

Shuttle me to chapel street

Tackle my desire to trade in eternity

For bad decisions

Baltimore city drowns in ports of poor

Drinking but never quenched

Eating yet having room for more

The bank of nationwide luck is closed

But the bar stays open all the time

Take out on the corner for a dream

And I know she’s down to buy

But the tax on freedom is a little extra

And I’m on the wrong pay cycle

Knees Sam Bradford, can hardly stick around

There’s apartments galore

Yet few homes in this town

The church asks for money

The pastor asks for money

The stripper asks for money

The president asks for money

Is there no one who loves for who we are

And doesn’t attach a price tag to breath?

The perks of those Stars and Stripes

The cunning of Ford and Toyota

Death machines

Not in service, the marvel of America fails again

State law is just a bandaid

Remove humanity, remove the sin

But He Had Slaves Too

500 mystic eden

No stopping

Reserved parking

Caroline dances on Handlebar Cafe

Fitting the point inside till the other dancers

Are green with envy

The tattoo of silver bonds on her thighs

Shows her availability for love and list tonight

Her future is for rent

Sorrow a one way street

Fifteen minute limit

The national alliance of women wandering

Discounted rates on this broadway of shame

The cabaret is a lounge for convenience

Register their souls and watch them fly


Her prime is united with a mission

The office of woman is creation

Five star citizens they truly are

Devoured by wolves near and far

A general like Washington might save her

But he had slaves too

Everyone I Do This For

Sitting in the corner of my life

I’ve relegated myself to a timeout

I’m making bad decisions

I keep making bad decisions

Gaining yet losing

I just can’t get everything right

And why should I

I’m just human

But I know what I’m capable of

Frustrated when I fall

Shamed that I need to call for help

Walk on my own, I need no crutch

Climb out of the dungeon without a clutch

Just willpower through every hour

Spouting like a flower in the soil of sin

I lose all my beauty when I come up for air

Poisoned ground can’t nurture me

Wicked waters only stir my demons

Seduced by dreams when I breathe in

I love trying every position

New girl, new scene, it’s all the same to me

Tainted and tantalized by my reflection

I lose sight of what matters

Rather, who matters, and that’s all of you

Everyone I do this for

Without Words, Who Am I

I’m falling into wordless whispers

Rap and pop filled nights

Paint a picture behind these bridges

Behind the words of these writes

I’m angered, I’m restless

In the pursuit of the passion

For these words there is no detour

This endless highway I will forever traverse

In these words, they can’t get to me

Stand behind these bars like a criminal

Yet freed from their boring ways, so cyclical

Long eyelashes and red lips kiss my fingers

Rushing her vulva over my face, so ethereal

Taking me somewhere I never wanted to go

But was always meant to be

The songs of night are the voice calling to me

And I leave them on speed dial

When I’m pushing a broom, cleaning my room

Or up late studying for that Math test

My mind’s racing, it’s always wild

And when I’m supposed to be listening

I’m thinking of words to write, a separate file

Where I store the very honest bits of me

Find them here

And learn how I came to be

I don’t talk much, but I write too little

I can always add another verse

Another stanza

Because without words

Who am I

Taking Action

The outlet doesn’t stand out

Hidden under a table

White top

Light blue legs

Not quite sky blue

At least not this sky

Grey with gusts of wind

The window where I sit

Brings chills

These words I lend

I hope they do the same

When you’ve made it

There’s always someone further

When you’ve arrived

There’s always someone there

This life is fleeting, this life is lost

Unless we leave our mark

Be it mountain, be it marsh

Don’t be afraid to life on the edge

The greatest gains come with cost

Nature does not reward the shadows

Or complement the weary

It rains fortune upon the seekers

The sun forever shines on their path