Heaven Knows

Heaven knows I’m past the age of redemption And hell knows I’m far too young To place a reservation Strapped to eclectic chairs of electric insanity Watching people torment and torture Revoke and revolt at the issues they allowed To boil over and burn them in their indecency If you hate the president your country […]

I Was Mortified, Now I’m Fortified

Earlier this month, I came out with a terrible confession I was addicted to porn. (https://marylandpoetblog.wordpress.com/2016/12/02/to-heaven-god-nobody-or-anyone-listening/) There wasn’t a day I couldn’t not watch it, and much of my thoughts were dedicated to finding ways to watch it. But suddenly, I had a breakthrough. I thought about everyone I was hurting. People I didn’t know. […]

To Heaven, God, Nobody or Anyone Listening…

This last year has been one of the worst in my life. I know I talk about how well I know myself, and you all comment so often about how confident and honest I am, but that’s because I really haven’t talked about what I’ve been going through. The things I’m addicted to, the things […]