To The Bad Things…

Bad things I knew if I did them I would get attention Maybe my parents would listen Bad things Feel good at the pinnacle The high of sex is way above the typical Nothing like I’ve ever felt, measures up to nothing else Bad things Can make you seem like a star Those aspergian traits […]

I Was Mortified, Now I’m Fortified

Earlier this month, I came out with a terrible confession I was addicted to porn. ( There wasn’t a day I couldn’t not watch it, and much of my thoughts were dedicated to finding ways to watch it. But suddenly, I had a breakthrough. I thought about everyone I was hurting. People I didn’t know. […]

September 28, 2016: An Aspergian’s Reflection

THREE DAYS AND COUNTING. Just three days till I leave for California, and I’m very excited. Not for the beaches ( I hate water), or the girls (we’ve been down this road), but for the experience. I’ll be going cross country and seeing so much of the beauty this country has to offer. I’m giddy […]