Little Whispers

The little whispers Just beneath the wind Tell me a story of recovery Panting, through the pressure Painting a masterful retort With every missed hour of sleep Till tomorrow shines brighter And still he works to find dreams


Before I get to the poetry, I’d like to share an assignment I had for my college spring semester: interviewing someone in my field to learn about the field and how to succeed in it. Of course, I had to many people to choose from, so I picked on that I’ve loved for a long […]

Between Our Lungs

A shot of vodka might to the trick Because after tonight, I’ve lost my click My niche, my passion, and my pride Kissed away by your heartache tonight Every time I’m with you, I get dragged down By your bottomless pit and decadent breath Always wishing for me to bring you up Show you the […]

Misery Loves Me

You don’t want the light in No You’d rather be miserable Getting attention from everyone around The support stemming from desperation Is almost worth being desperate And penniless piles of weak smiles Forced laughter On top of a melancholy life Are washed away for only moments at a time The encouragement and support Hardly outweigh […]


Hiding from myself The memories boxed up and shipped far Into the recesses of time But when it’s cold, the shingles stir Dark clouds gather on the horizon Lightning shatters confidence and sways Funnel clouds evaporate conscious efforts I crack and crumble and admit my faults I fucked up so many times, why am I […]


Sometimes, I can’t help myself I just want to be noticed I sit back in the shadows, listening Pondering the words of those around me Writing them down to question later Or to inspire another line The louder wins, the boldest wins The angriest wins, the cunningest wins But what if I am of all […]

Real Talk

  Criminal minds dance on the airwaves telling the minorities that they’ve come to save all the forgotten, all the lost peeps always a shot away from 6am news on these dark streets you can feel the beat of a glock nine or a car crashing into a stump oh, is it time for another […]

Locked Up Memory (Content Warning)

take out your wrist no, all the way stick me with all your pain your depression, anxiety, and marital struggles drown me in the empty bottles suck me off to make it all go away it’s okay, I’ll just sit and take it look at the window, there goes my summer fall, winter, and spring […]

Victorious (When You’re Autistic Like Me)

(Whew. Two book rejections in one day had me feeling down. Then this came along…) Victorious In spite of everything they said Victorious Even though we only get glory once dead Victorious In these poems that are bled Victorious In the words that aren’t said   Night and day I fight a battle against you […]