Love The Way You Lie

spell binding twists that turn time on its head, through the back door sliding through shiny black dress they say crank it whore, you now your role burning your precious hole through a little hole light my grass, inhibitions go fast where the hell is our time going speeding into a frenzied fair losing my […]

The Reality Regarding Negative Expectations And Emotively-Founded Bias Against Aspergians

Don’t knock I’ve already let you in Being brutally honest is my cardinal sin Put on all the makeup in the world I’ll still call you ugly People laugh in hordes and I still can’t find them funny Complementing for a complement is vain decadence and dressing for someone you’ll probably dump shows a lack […]

This Aspergian’s Rebellion (Inspired By My Painting)

The sea surrounds us and we confound thus upon entering the fuss that is “normal life” “Follow this deadline” and “Don’t forget this rule” I don’t mean to sound like a bitch but I wasn’t made from the same wool and I don’t fit like you think I should so you cast me out until […]