Every Inch Of You Is Another Stripe of Agony

Never mind, I don’t need you
The earth closes over any trace of you
And shuddering skies thunder and storm
At the mention of your name
Forgive me if I was ignorant and young
Forgive me if I was impressionable and eager
To please every inch of your royal throne
Illustrious and lacking in beauty nowhere
I found your chin to be a safe haven of peace
Resting beneath your eyes I could finally fly
Into you, into you, I dumped my sorrow
Wilting away, drugs in my veins were kisses
Departed unto me the respect in viewing
Doors locked to all before me
I was sure, in assuring voices you promised
To always be there, to always see me there
See me off to the depths of night
And in the return of day, you’d guide my way
You promised!
Broken hearts are so overrated
Heart as cold as ice?
Get a better line
My head is clamped shut with steel spikes
Pry me open and loose your life
Just to discover someone that hates more
Despises more, furies more
And always raging in words
To describe my sincerest form of agony
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The Arrogance I Shine

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bent and broken

my face the token

of your socialite policy

fears and flames awoken

by the silent shaming

of ears pricked up

hairs peeled back

when I make a statement

misinterpret a joke

the costume falls flat

and now I’m forced to reconcile

into the life and love I never had

it was plain to see

but it took them to crucify my heart

betrayed by a suicidal mind

to see the reality

I had ignored for so much time

they don’t care for me

they’re not the friends for me

don’t understand me

can’t reprimand me

because I do the same thing


because I don’t care about a thing


while you sit around waiting for me to change

oh hey

I’m insane

the arrogance I shine

tans you like an ultraviolet ray

I don’t think about what I say

because I really was born this way

I take no for an answer

because I’ll say yes to myself

I dish it because I can take it

look at the hand the devil’s dealt

feel the welts

no, they’re on the inside

feel the shockwaves

they flow every time

you start speaking

I start leaking

every ounce of content

until I’m bursting with anger

and all darkness

ceases with one final dagger

to the soul

now silent again