What Have You Done?

Clamped shut By the eternal darkness The moon turns away from my pathway Even starlight fails to reach my feet Hell sweeps up the dust of faded memories They take shape and taunt Today and tomorrow hide in the absence Of honesty, of purity, and of sanity Mind and body crumble, unable to evade The […]

Liberal Promises Amidst Tragic Nothing

Tragedy Seven letter word to describe the bottom When there’s nowhere else to go And every resource has been exhausted Time’s ticking And deathbeds are calling You’re past hunger, you’re past pain Past ever seeing anyone ever again Now you’re waiting for everything to fade And something, anyone, to call you Home Or hell, because […]

Supposed To Be

Slip down And say a prayer Say a prayer for me I’ve been warned before Talk and they’d find out Walk and they’d break me down My sounds vex their souls, it pains them To hear me speak out, against all odds At all costs Engines revving from a night’s long rest The daylight inspires […]


Specks of dust Cloud the perimeter Sweeping the chaos to a corner The negligent, the sinister Standing behind my own bars Like a hardened criminal I try to stay positive but the blood stays cynical Symbiotic with my need to destroy Is the molting of a teenage boy Into half man, half beast Trudging on […]

The Inside Tells A Different Story

Machine The dream Bursting oil drums at the metal seams Cascade Deranged Busting bodies on every foreign plane Watching the blood drip from their eyelids Seeing the burkas shred with the blast The children can’t fight back, they run that Underground bunker killing our insurgents Ding ding, the bullets ricochet off metal plates Boom boom, […]

Vessel Of Troubled Thoughts

The method of my madness Is the confidence in blackness In a meadow of white flowers Some roses, some saps In a forest of unintelligible raps Small, handcrafted lines don’t stand a chance And they never gave me one, no endorsement But with patience and practice I absorbed it Now wherever I go I pen […]

What Words Bring

I had to get rid of me To find Me The suicidal depressions And disappointment brewed From pornographic misconceptions The boiling, bawling anger I couldn’t control Tearing myself from the flesh I called home Descending into the valley, alone I couldn’t come out until I figured how Embrace my unique in a cookie cutter world […]