Life Is Difference

Images of blazing deserts And hawks soaring on arid skies Legions of legislation undone Undone faster than one could say goodbye Border war, patrol pawns, illegals at stake I wish we would fight for the unborn children In this very way Some make life an argument, left against right Black against white, man against woman […]

I Don’t Need Your Guilt, I’ve Got Enough Of My Own

White light Switch back to the darkness they can’t see Black shadows hide my nature And you are so afraid Psychotic and punished by my brain I take these streets My brothers face down for nothing wrong Fuck the police, the city, our people’s song Cause sometimes I really hate you Turn on the news, […]

Beauty, Breaking, and Choosing

Paint me a picture of what tomorrow has to offer children rejected at distant borders young wives lose budding husbands to filthy coffins paint me a picture with the blood of aborted fetus paint me a picture with the anger of disbelievers in the White House where Trump says any and everything paint me a […]

Dry Heaving Seasick Lullabies

My poetry is for sailors and captains with troubled thoughts the nooses and broken stools with self esteems to match the rainbows, the puzzles and the misfits in between the native, the foreigner and border crossing dreams the misconstrued woman who raises her children alone and the father who leaves his home to serve his […]

Welcome To My Yellow Tape Parade

street blocked off again yellow tape parade features no admission except the blood of a city, forever a victim   crime goes deeper than the bullets beyond the jail cells and body cam videos it’s a reminder we are sick and protest does ill in making us well   dealers only sell cause someone buys […]

The Darkness Chokes The Sense Of The Homeless

The darkness chokes the sense of the homeless throwing punches of humility and stealing the cents out of hats too big to fit the head of a ten year old boy silence awakens the mind of a soldier trapped in a traumatized mind he marches up and down his home to Iraqi time and swings […]