Dear Sky, I’m Falling

the ground resilient and unwavering takes a chunk of flesh I could have kept going but it caught me, and now I see the world from the sky, at the bottom of the fall upside down, I see the world right side up for the first time, I can feel the waves of evil radiating […]

Across The Oceans We Came. On Fear Of Death.

Pain of travel No one cares About the breathing Time whips the human soul Out of its body Broken bones aren’t as weak As the shattered mind Individual Rendered Inept Aboard the oceans Across the ships Never to return home Never to return Peace and prosperity White sands become the enemy Yet white men Become […]

Reinstate Jim Crow

I hate people that feel entitled Fuck if I don’t invite you Fuck if the world doesn’t give to you We’re born to everything But granted nothing Breath is temporary, life is a gift Time is a tool, but even the greatest craftsmen Have accidents My ancestors were slaves, man I know what it’s like […]

Would You Rather Be The Disease Or The Cure

Quiet room never empty, never full always wishing someone or something could find in it a use sitting in the heat of summer and the cool of winter initials carved in the bed frame remind the emptiness how much he misses her dust collects on unattended shelves as the shadows take off their masks and […]