What I Find In The Light

Never mind the light, I only need the dark

The truth is truth, regardless of the beholder

The lie is a lie, regardless of the beholder

Vibrating throughout my skeleton is chaos

Ordered and exponential in designed purpose

Humanity seems to think eradicating one

Will enlighten the other, but in truth

One exists because of the order

In chaos there is order because it is planned

Order can be chaotic without understanding

And interference only widens the chasm

The light blinds, but the dark constricts

Till only the purest of elements remain

And those are the things I want inside me

In the light everything and everyone exists

But in the dark only the true reign on high

They’ve taught us the dark is evil

And yet it’s in the light that children are taken

Criminals are made out to be defenseless

And plastic chokes the life of the sea

I am not just a writer

But a living writer

A reading writer

And I’ve scoured the faces of angels upon us


Are not happy


He Had Visitors


Why do you want me to be


Why do you want me to be


I feel your thumbs round the insides of my cheeks

And tap the tip of the tongue

Your spit cascades into my nostrils

And wells up in my gums

I will not swallow, I cannot speak

Beneath me, my muscles shrivel up and are weak

With fury, tempests, and all the while


With eyelids stuck shut, conceding inevitable defeat

With palms wide open, conceding inevitable defeat

With arms tied behind my back, conceding inevitable defeat

I understand now why you’re driven away

Anything this toxic, this chemical romance

Between the thought of love

And the actual action

Between the nape of my neck

And the pool of semen that reminds me

He’s finally finished with me

Wiping my mouth, still dripping from his hands

He snares another girl by the ponytail

Punches her, knocking her out cold

Then dabs his index finger in the blood

Presses it to my lips

And tells me to dance

He had visitors


Amnesty International Decriminalizing Sex Trade


For the blood on my hands

And the remains of the heart

Still frantically beating underneath poached skin


For the children who never matured with grace or dignity

And saw age forced upon them for the sake of sex

Still pulsating, their genitalia could hardly keep up

Red, oh Red

There was always more, one nights, one hundred nights

They could never be enough

But for the men who held them captive, there was always more

To go around, slap lipstick on three year olds

And force pills into toddler boys to make them harder


For the tears uncollected by the outside

Prayers be pots and pans in a thunderstorm

Good wishes be the lifeboats of the Titanic

In all of the tweets there is but little compensation

For the children so hallucinatory that even their own lives

Seem imaginary

Life Is Difference

Images of blazing deserts
And hawks soaring on arid skies
Legions of legislation undone
Undone faster than one could say goodbye
Border war, patrol pawns, illegals at stake
I wish we would fight for the unborn children
In this very way
Some make life an argument, left against right
Black against white, man against woman
There’s two genders, there’s seventy seven
The truth is always somewhere in between
But the truth that cannot be debated is this
Life is precious. Period.
Irregardless of outside factors or convenience
(Yes, pro-choicers. Hate to break it to you)
If we would stop placing parameters around
Such things we have no power to oversee
We would find life would become much easier
And differences more palatable
Because life is difference
And the beauty is knowing that’s okay
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Proliferating Opposites

Nobody needs walls

Billions just be destroyed

Billions to fall to erosion, weather, and time

Billions just to be a thorn

In the side of everyone

Builders toil, onlookers riot

And the people trying to be kept out

Keep finding their way in

The politics are why we get angry, or care less

The spectacle is why we pay attention

But is it worth it?

If you hate it so much, why is it on your lips

If you despise the notion, incessant chatter

Only fuels the energy behind it

We live in a country that is baseless

Lacking morality, and connection to others

Everything we say, everything we do

Has power, and it gives off energy

If you want something done, talk about it

Think about it

Write it, shout it, dream it

But if you don’t want something to happen

Then it shouldn’t be part of your conscious

Of course, that’s not how most of us function

And as long as the media exists

We’ll keep talking

Obsessed with what we claim to hate

Watching the opposite perpetually proliferate

Hell Is Already Here

Chalk outlines color my world

I see neither black, nor white

But an endless cacophony

Of lovers and unlovable

Slaves without owners

And music of children too young to understand

The world they’ve been born in is not pure

Yet they drink anyway

And the words they are taught are vile

Yet they write books till they reach heaven

I am no saint, but simple observer

And I see


Setbacks sting, swords in our backs in the night

But recovery is just a twilight away

Too many lose hope, and take their lives away

Thinking the other side will be safer, sooner

And they realize heaven is already here

So is hell

Earth is what you make of it

Fire and brimstone, or angels singing psalms

Lost in politics and sport

We forget what’s right

Lost in the fight for rights

We lose our lives


Specks of dust

Cloud the perimeter

Sweeping the chaos to a corner

The negligent, the sinister

Standing behind my own bars

Like a hardened criminal

I try to stay positive

but the blood stays cynical

Symbiotic with my need to destroy

Is the molting of a teenage boy

Into half man, half beast

Trudging on for a feast not of food

Or hard drink

But love

The kind that makes you think

Why we ever stopped caring for each other

And when

Did social media ever become socially accepted

When did pressing a button

Ever mean the same as a literal kiss

I would be remiss if I said this was good

And though I have seemed to miss

The want from a girl

I am still a patient observer, my time will come

The best chase is that of a mind chastened

My demons run, angels flee to protect

And in time the negatives will be undone

Lofty are my dreams

Descending from a rejected heart

Because I know there is more to give

Than a half-reluctant spark

Shades Of Gray

They don’t reflect me

Not the buildings, not the glass, not the pages

Not the law, not the movement, not the puzzle

piece that they think I am

Not simply a pawn in April’s misinformation

Not a rat in the race to fix broken relations

The glue in the shoes of those who care most

Aren’t asking for money or shares, no boasts

Of how much they care, the proof says no

I am not a statistic, nor a ratio, nor an anomaly

Everything I’ve done has been seen

The only difference is the soul it’s created by

And that special power cannot be bought

cloned, or appropriated, simply mystifying

Ima scared, reckless, tormented Cancer

And my life and words be damned if I died

Saying the world figured me, and I them

I still don’t know why I press send

I still don’t know why I won’t kiss her

I still don’t know why I did

My days are never sunny, never cloudy

But a perfect shade of grey

Just enough devil to make you afraid

Just enough angel to light your way

Important and Unnecessary

A pipeline to success

Still have to figure out the rest

A platform with no purpose

Is the fastest ticket southward

Media shuttles ideas for people too dense

Then when the bus breaks down they’re lost

Never caring to think on their own

Crossing guards are politicians

Both important and unnecessary

People will do good on their own

People will do evil on their own

The only question is how you witness it

Are you the deer crushed by a locomotive

Or the voyeur

Watching his sister discover what passion is

Worn down watching the spectacle of man

Sane and insane

Indebted with greatness

but extraordinarily carefree

In culling itself

Nothing Left To Say

Violators will be prosecuted

Unless you’re rich and white

We’ll make light of your pitfalls

Hell, you might become president

Trespassing is for the victorious

But who wants to break the status quo

Certainly not Americans today

Certainly not humans today

Don’t tread on my heels, or stub my toe

I’m comfortable knowing nothing

And dying on my own

Work menial jobs and get paid minimum wage

It only exists cause there’s minimum rage

Bacon in these bills that nobody questions

Left, right, they’re not the ones to fault

It’s you

Tweeting and posting while blood spills away

Drinking and eating tomorrow away

Highway to hell but we’re okay with it

As long as we can get a selfie along the way

You’re breaking not just my heart, America

But my soul

And I have nothing left to say