Beauty, Breaking, and Choosing

Paint me a picture of what tomorrow has to offer children rejected at distant borders young wives lose budding husbands to filthy coffins paint me a picture with the blood of aborted fetus paint me a picture with the anger of disbelievers in the White House where Trump says any and everything paint me a […]

Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopoulos, And The People Behind InfoWars Inspired Me To Write This

where do I stand on a world at war please, there’s no peace and I don’t need a piece of the pie that mass media lie police officers die trying to protect us the badge is just for show but the love inside their hearts is not the trust to serve can’t be bought neither […]

Wilkens Avenue Wishes

  It’s raining Big deal You know the story Dark clouds pouring out tears on window wipers Slippery tires and sleeping mothers Hungry hunters of youthful hearts under the crowded bus stations But there’s another story, much less common that I witness in the rain “Captured this morning after a shootout with police.” “Car crash […]