there is silence within the scars within the senseless there is conviction connection to the spiraling arms and the screaming infinite tears racing towards our eyes neighbors stop and stare admittedly cautious to approach shame may swallow Venus alive as Mercury beats her into submission but galaxies see battering of any life as domestic, for … Continue reading Galaxies

Hacked From The Inside

Am I not still Did you not animate me Are you electronic Burning out, buzzing in The keycard to my heart Is fried, no longer reading properly I’ve been fooled too many times Hacked by anything with a pulse Now, I have none Plug and unplugged My soul spins the same Records for the searching … Continue reading Hacked From The Inside

Missing Pieces

The sky’s so clear So empty With every appearance of tranquility But there’s things you can’t see The visible spectrum Our eyes see ten percent What about the other ninety? Who are we missing out on What hearts are we breaking Teardrops down invisible windows I don’t believe there’s an old man in the sky … Continue reading Missing Pieces

But I Don’t Look Sick

But I don’t look sick? And the Earth, she never ever Looked more beautiful From the outside, dancing Around her special star A dying breed, the guy who stays Through all the hazards of space and time Look deeper, and there’s a battle Brewing deep inside her heart Raise your hand, she’ll flinch so hard … Continue reading But I Don’t Look Sick

Killing Me Quietly

Steam fills the room Doors shut, headphones in I’m not a danger to anyone but tomorrow The things I ignore tonight And the words I ignite today Giving life to the recreation Spitting fire into the chasm What comes out? Demons run in fear Angel swinging sword marvelous Slice the head clean from the bone … Continue reading Killing Me Quietly

Words To (The Truest) Friend

Thoughts racing My mind drifting through the darkness My bare feet have bled for hours I’ve lost sense of taste and touch The numbness radiates through my veins Where am I, trapped in the Frozen Forest I drop to my knees, teeth chattering And though my body was weary The soul began to fumble through … Continue reading Words To (The Truest) Friend