Becoming Whole Again

I can never become whole again only so much can be remade the rest lost to the faded essence of memory where there is time, there is forgetting and I love you too much to remember or let each breath be a miserable reminder of that which I used to be without you those steps … Continue reading Becoming Whole Again

Did I Kill You (Again)

did I kill you again did I wrestle from you what you died to gain did I kill you again walking on eggshells, desperate not to hurt both of us are already broken in parts we’ve been beaten, failed experiments someone wanted us to become new instead we just became again I walk the nights … Continue reading Did I Kill You (Again)

Totally (Not) Fine

the monotonous hum of mechanical fan cold air pricks bare skin illuminated by the grace of sunlight spiderling revealing, disease prohibiting sunlight there’s a cobweb to my right an old friend drops in to say hello only seven legs, unfortunately , and I wonder how he chooses to press on marvelous I take to the … Continue reading Totally (Not) Fine

Roaming Rebel

tethered to family to work to future to borders unlike you roaming and curious freelancing and innocently delirious floating in the ethers of heaven and earth unlike me you’re not battered by expectations I told you I adored your inner rebel, no fucks given, none taken, one finger to the sky you’ll find your own … Continue reading Roaming Rebel

Her Fever Dream

eyes close flutter open in a wicked craze then close I am tired of living and why should I love again it is sent but not returned written and spoken but never kept inside lost in translation, there is no confirmation miserable silence and I wonder if I’m wasting my breath on someone who’s blind … Continue reading Her Fever Dream