Ink and Irrelevance

Ink conveys neither life nor death Blood suggests neither man nor woman Breath itself tells me very little About who you are, and more importantly Why The object of this life we’ve been given Is not to accumulate or accomplish But to prepare and introspect On what’s been done, is happening And will be done, […]

Will You Come With?

Where the sand touches the sea Where the breeze runs free Where there’s not a cloud in the sky And waves lap a calming lullaby Where you collect shells and sort them And sip drinks with pineapple garnish Where little children go off to swim And the smoke of man does little to tarnish Where […]

Playing To The Beat Of The Winds

silent rolling hills grasses still as the trees standing above them watchful soldiers on the eve of battle there’s a flower garden too yellow and purple petals particularly pushy each inching higher than the other for light red brick preventing further advance Stonewall Jackson come again there’s a pretty little girl dancing in the middle […]

The War Of Poetic Conviction

Convention waging endless war against my unwavering condition arrows of all kinds and sizes fly through the air in mass darkening the sun as it rises tipped with oil, tipped with fire they rarely kill but injure greatly designed to cause will to waver and crumble when the infantry comes later day and night the […]

Mysteries Among The Melodies Of Silence

Sudden warmth arises a soul drunk on restful slumber to a sea of green drapery teasing the eyes away from the naked beauty underneath fawns bouncing among the meadows when touched by misty morning air rays of sun crown a head as the lunar glare dusts feet when sliding underneath the heavenly arc birds rest […]

Something About Snow That Got Me Way Too Emotional And Poetic

 I’m back! I’ll write about what I’ve been doing for Saturday’s post, but for now, here’s a bit of what I’ve been working on lately.   Scattered remains of frozen souls tossed and turned by radioactive waves of signals of failed love like ships entwined by tentacles of legendary sea demons they were shattered above […]