Peace We Pursue


Follow the pathway through the trees
In between the raucous crowds
And over walls erected in militaristic prowess
You will find the voice of truth
Underneath the bed covers of youthful lovers
On top of the roof where the widow sings
Down in the valley of what once her domain
Sounded the call of truth
I remember the day we said I do
But that day is now bittersweet memory
In the crevice of a heart long torn apart
You can find the voice of truth
It neither hates, nor relishes
Believes, nor belittles
It simply is, and encourages me to search
Search better, longer, deeper, and closer
Especially closer, where I can find the fire
Hear the fire, and see how it lightens my skin
Deeper blue as it melts you and brings you
Warmth and electricity never seen before
All this and more can be found
In the polarizing voice of truth
And it’s inside of you!
Everyday people commit suicide in despair
They can’t find the voice, it ignores
It repeats retorts resolving in resolutions
Rebellious in nature, blood stained papers
Everyday people murder and steal and lie
They feel they’re behind everyone, and time
Will not forgive, but simply remove
And all trace of impact will be forgotten
But you’re wrong you see, it is the air
Within us that commits us into the path
And the peace we pursue
That allows us to breathe it
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Darkness Abides In All


In the midst of an internal storm….

the untold stories
of darkness prevail
over widening seas
and Hell’s Deep can hardly contain
the fire of night
waking us up
and bringing us down
we may never know the wholeness of breath
or solitude of sound
for the darkness abides in all
will you let her come around
stoke up the magic within
and burn in and of her glory
let the Phoenix be called to arms
spit lava and pumice upon the world
for poets are the volcanoes
of humanity
and within the darkness we spew
life is born through trials
see the words rise
on the wings of the wind