Wanting, Waiting, Wilting

Radioactive This bond we share Burning drives Yet close and bare Our skin, heated and alive Melting the gap between space and time Always seething, I can’t get enough Humans have companionship, but we have love Brighter than the sun, colder than Titan The moon only shows us one side Because we scarred the other […]

Child Born Of Tremor and Turmoil

  writing is my love my life the beginning and end of an always speaking wife we noticed one another while drifting away from life on the verge of exiting she stole the knife we courted on balconies piers and windows crept through by cellphone light we wed four years ago happy as could be […]

Autism Awareness Month Post Five: Things I Love About Being On The Spectrum

Anxiety. Rigid thinking. Rigid acting. Inability to deal with sudden change. Aspergers gets a bad rep, in my opinion. Sure, I’ll probably never have any friends, and a future by myself seems more and more likely by the day, but that’s just one percent of life as an Aspergian. There are ALOT of benefits actually […]