Full Pockets But Empty Hearts

full pockets but empty hearts souls in the dredges but naked breasts drowning in the earnings of husbands strip the world bare and see the pain cover the world in a sheet and see the virgin blood cover one eye and see enough death for a lifetime cover both and hear enough tears to make […]

My Woman, My Maker

everyone has one everyone knows one whether you know them appreciate them or care to ponder their existence they care about you naturally keen to nurturing and always lending a hand in encouraging they are the winds of change upon the decadent heart of man sensual and slatternly it pumps sperm and hormones in and […]

Contempt For Much (Most Of Which Is Me)

light sprinkles of rain hardly dampen my desire for words darkness brings them to life storms and calamity set the stage right and lightning crashes bring the light my veins pulse and pound from a heart that can’t contain what I love brewing with contempt for so much most of which is me silent teenager […]

We Might Just Save Our Lives

cold winds blow over the southern store watching the clouds waiting for the rain hoping the winds don’t come knocking then feeling ignored, blow down your door sometimes seeming to be a bore staring into a sulky skies when the darkness comes and the children begin to cry when the sun recedes and the clouds […]

Darkness Dances On The Inside

she comes black eyes, green dress laced with white silk, delicate destructor of my pine heart strong but everlasting in failure to withstand her strikes lightning quick hands envelop me dance, she begs dance with me soon I am trapped in her wonder tears flow from seemingly ancient face yet young as a babe each […]

Playing To The Beat Of The Winds

silent rolling hills grasses still as the trees standing above them watchful soldiers on the eve of battle there’s a flower garden too yellow and purple petals particularly pushy each inching higher than the other for light red brick preventing further advance Stonewall Jackson come again there’s a pretty little girl dancing in the middle […]