Love With Fire

We love with fire When it rains, the drops burn Before they even touch the scorched earth Your eyes opened are Sauron And I’m rooting through your earth You’re searching, I’m falling The ring was forged When you placed your hands on my neck And told me to never stop We love with pain Deserted […]

We’re Playing Dress Up and Democracy Is Our Chains

Take me from this church, I don’t belong to life Humans shattering bones with blood And taking life with a million knives Ingrained in our society the absence of rights Despite aged documents we claim to live by Ingrained in our food, flowing in our water Chemicals and poisons that shove us farther Into the […]


Streets covered in an illustrious white Icicles adorn each and every sign Traffic slows to a standstill Isn’t nice for humans to be paused this time And let nature take control Of our actions, our breath It’s always there, but in bitter weather The ante is upped, vision is dimmed And we stay home, afraid […]

Will You Come With?

Where the sand touches the sea Where the breeze runs free Where there’s not a cloud in the sky And waves lap a calming lullaby Where you collect shells and sort them And sip drinks with pineapple garnish Where little children go off to swim And the smoke of man does little to tarnish Where […]

Appreciate Today

sometimes I look out into the confusing world speeding around in infinity do we ever stop to appreciate the little moments the precious slivers of heaven that grace us but so often yet so well I’m guilty of living in my fantasy instead of a less gratifying but oh, so overwhelmingly necessary reality I’m afraid […]