Just Bring My Anna Back

You were riveted in delicious greed to see her pale green eyes look your way but quaking when another caught her sight I was shorter, fatter and much less attractive but we fought the same fight so she floated past you and took my hand our veins overdosed on the same light anger overtook feeble […]

Fate Is For Closers, Kissing For Winners

The drummer starts to bang and the guitarist begins a heavy strum The lead vocalist guiding his band in perfect time he knows what is to come Black suits and white dresses approach under sweeping moonlight Hands reach out and faces trade smiles, some bright some small, but appreciative of all for the next four […]

Donald Trump Is Just A Puppet

(While some of you may be angry, saddened, or disappointed at the election of Donald Trump, this is to let you know there are far bigger problems. He is just puppet in the grand scheme. I’m not pro-Trump or anti-Trump, but I am pro-truth.) Having a second thoughts about being American Not talking about birthplace or the […]