writing my coda

the sentence broke offat the slightest quiverI can’t help but watch the shiverthis you can’t take, can’t shrug asideit didn’t mean to be an attackbut the barbs sink deep and latch onthere’s not a kiss, not a songthat can change this moment nowI try to notice the shadow behind your facebut there’s no use in […]

Become You

Rhythm It keeps us moving, thinking If we continue to run, noticing the ache Will be last place in our minds But we forget the witch called time Farmer of our deepest fears Cultivating sensations, watering temptations Delving into our lives until we’re complacent And we stop moving Wondering where times has gone After we’ve […]

I Don’t Like Listening

I don’t like listening At least not to you The same ‘ok news, the same ‘ol Breaking, boring news It’s excruciating to bear Pretending I care about celebrities I couldn’t care less, whether they gained Or lost But their lives are pushed on me as real Images barraged upon souls as if they were gods […]

Autism Awareness Month Post Six: Songs I Go To When I’m Sad

Part of being an Aspergian is the constant mood swings. One minute, I’m happily doing something, and in the next I’m punching holes into walls (I did as a kid. I was a really angry kid.) Other times I start crying for no apparent reason, only to start watching Family Guy and burst into laughter […]

Fate Is For Closers, Kissing For Winners

The drummer starts to bang and the guitarist begins a heavy strum The lead vocalist guiding his band in perfect time he knows what is to come Black suits and white dresses approach under sweeping moonlight Hands reach out and faces trade smiles, some bright some small, but appreciative of all for the next four […]