Her Right Eye

take our love break it over your mouth purple juices splatter on our hands drip down your neck between breasts the vessel of light magnified I lose track of your eyes, bowing now to clean up our mess wet tongue on the parched skin did I pass the test or should I look up at … Continue reading Her Right Eye

Don’t Call Me

Don’t call me strong; cracked glass eyes Shatter into a stream of blood Tears fill the creek where we swam There was a time long ago, before the shade And shallow, I’d listen to you talk Glide on the tips of maple The water, the water, always more crystal Tomorrow Love echoed through the trees … Continue reading Don’t Call Me


Left without a hint or trace of your existence Something smells afoul with the cryptic remnants of our communications Hardly a mastermind of an escapee, I find the traces, I find the littered remains of the thoughts you once had for me Bitter tasting potions, recollections of the failure I achieved in satisfying your needs … Continue reading Cryptic