Between Our Lungs

A shot of vodka might to the trick Because after tonight, I’ve lost my click My niche, my passion, and my pride Kissed away by your heartache tonight Every time I’m with you, I get dragged down By your bottomless pit and decadent breath Always wishing for me to bring you up Show you the […]

When You Want To Reach Out But Your Brain Says No

  I want to make friends, I really want to but my insides want to fight it bouncing between shy and silent you can’t ever say you’ve been this low until you’ve tried it They come, they go they talk for hours but they’ll never know I just can’t say it I don’t know how […]

An Aspergian’s Thoughts On Loneliness

This is one of the more challenging emotions of Aspergers. It’s the worthless, lifeless feeling that you can have when you’re the oddest, weirdest, and most unlike anyone else in the places that you frequent in your daily life. I don’t do the things most people do my age (My life occupation is a writer, […]