Both Sinner and Saint

People have always looked at me   And seen what they wanted In seeing the fantasy that was my reflection   That is my mirror, making you a believer   In a lie, in a perfectly crafted farce I weep, I bleed, you believe this ancient art   Of pretending to be something else   […]

Something About Snow That Got Me Way Too Emotional And Poetic

 I’m back! I’ll write about what I’ve been doing for Saturday’s post, but for now, here’s a bit of what I’ve been working on lately.   Scattered remains of frozen souls tossed and turned by radioactive waves of signals of failed love like ships entwined by tentacles of legendary sea demons they were shattered above […]

Don’t Say I’ll Do It Later, Tomorrow Doesn’t Exist

I got published on SpillWords again! My poem, Just Because It was Bad, Doesn’t Mean It Was Beneficial, was posted this morning. If you could read and rate it, that would be awesome.   Tomorrow doesn’t exist so live to the fullest today tomorrow doesn’t exist don’t let anyone stand in your way No […]