Left without a hint or trace of your existence Something smells afoul with the cryptic remnants of our communications Hardly a mastermind of an escapee, I find the traces, I find the littered remains of the thoughts you once had for me Bitter tasting potions, recollections of the failure I achieved in satisfying your needs […]

A Heart Growing Darker

Two Advil on the countertop Jack underneath my pillow Hardcore synced to the TV And a few tattered verses stuck to the wall The sun shines too brightly My alarm blares too suddenly And everyone is asking me questions The bus ride is empty but I huddle in a corner Please god don’t let any […]

Inconsequential Tragedy

I’m not in danger of losing you I’m in danger Of losing myself Poetry can be only so much of a diversion To the reality that I am slipping My mind races with dreams of eventual death Reaching a head faster than I expected Or even deserve I can feel it in my bones, my […]

Deepest, Darkness Essence

Never mind the doubters on the outside I can hardly withstand the onslaught Of tremors in my head, the reminders All the things I’ve done and said wrong And each little nugget I tried to ignore It call comes back, it comes back to destroy Confidence, control, it’s laid to waste so fast I truly […]

On My Back

I carry my demons on my back Disguised as friends of my own mind I carry devils dressed as my lovers My exes, and my accomplices I carry vicious memories dazzled in delight When I was young, bad seemed glorious I etched my name through the victorious Misgivings of misdeeds for attention For some reason […]