Week Two: Chiefs/Eagles Poetic Recap

(This is something I’ve started doing on Facebook at the beginning of the season) Chiefs Eagles, Week Two I know a few Eagles fans Heck, I just got back from work in PA and I’ve got a sad story for you titled Chris Jones always making the backfield his eternal home written by Travis Kelce […]

Kansas City Chiefs 2016 Pump-Up

  Last season ended in disappointment Thought it was our year, the long awaited anointment crumbled into a pool of tears Came so close, but heads fell so far The clock wasted away while injuries took so many stars The record-breaking winning streak ended that day Who knows what could have been if Houston, Maclin, […]

The Timekeeper

(Author’s Note: This is my personal adaptation of the The Timekeeper, written by John Holleman) Daniel, at the age of 22, will meet his wife-to-be at Arrowhead Stadium during a Kansas City Chiefs game after accidentally spilling slurpee on her. On July 1st, at 22 years, they will be married in a small ceremony among family. On […]