Amen, I Say. Amen.

Hands reaching out
In earnest for some bread
Anything, everything, that might give them life
The mind does wander
These evasive nights
The heart does ponder
Those forgetful lives
Each attuned to the clicks and calls
Of an obsessive, oppressive humanity
We needed a savior
To keep us even moderately aware of our sin
If not
We would have surely blown up the Earth
And said cursed God as we burned
No man can understand the vain curiosities
Of a species so beautifully corrupt
Gods before us have destroyed us repeatedly
Only for others to take heart in our corruption
We hate man
We hate life
Otherwise, Florida wouldn’t have happened
Or 9-11
The atrocity that we sugarcoat as abortion
Would be the thought of the insane
Yet here we are
Protecting some lives
Slaughtering others
Then it’s no wonder our savior had to suffer the same
So that we might know the name of the right way
Amen, I say



The Love And Life Of Death


The setting is a late May evening

and the sun is just beginning to wane

the grasses are as green as can be

the warm summer rays touch

skin darkened by the halls of recluses

and eyes drunk on the monotone beat

of a single heart

the horizon speaks to me

in ways no human could ever

color elicits emotion

only my darkest days would ever see

drooping sunset

with patch, see-through clouds

for skanky lingerie

calms me better than any

green eyed, freckled face

powered by an engine

stoked by fire of rejection

I reject the clown suit

appreciate the complexion

of life riding the fine line

life and death, I’ve seen both

lived and loved


I never knew

why the silence loved me so

treated me to knowledge

people seemed to refuse

I’m so hot

dirty mind, spinning you a web

of lust, lies

and forgotten faces

all in time

before the moon turns on her heel

and I fall into sleep

till our next divorce counseling meeting