That Man

Scared to be lonely Scared to be close to you Scared to be a slave to a finger Scared to be free in myself Just scared The nighttime falls upon me so swift The nighttime falls without forgiveness The nighttime reminds of words misspoke The nighttime reminds of hearts broken Tailored For disaster, my mind […]


Sometimes, I can’t help myself I just want to be noticed I sit back in the shadows, listening Pondering the words of those around me Writing them down to question later Or to inspire another line The louder wins, the boldest wins The angriest wins, the cunningest wins But what if I am of all […]

The Agony Inside

Cut me loose And let it free The agony inside of me I breathe you in, but it never comes out Shielded by anger and impenetrable doubt I’ve made a mess of me And in the shadows, I wonder about Which parts they see What do you ignore I want to be part of your […]

Sung The Blues, Swallowed Them Too

stunning seconds of solitude come from broken breaths heartbeats come less space between your ears widens deepens falling off the radar you are because nobody wanted to see the misery professionals couldn’t explain the pain just give him two of those three of these a shot of that he will stop foaming eventually so I […]

Daytime Is A Bastard To My Existence

Cast aside, torn apart by wolves picked clean by vultures and sapped of any manhood left by the desperate  wishing not to be able to walk when morning light strikes their thighs still gleaming from my light injected into their living yet lifeless souls trudging in the desert, frost bitten by the night the moon […]