Unearthing Skeletons

I’m breaking curses Flip the switches to see their filth Leaving them behind today Tomorrow sees new ground being broken They might see me as the token But I’m the giant in their midst Admiring the work that’s been done And what’s left to be It’s inevitable The way they talk behind my back I […]

My Poetry Is

  My poetry is long awaited sunset on a lover’s winter night My poetry is a flashlight on the entrails of the horror film called Life My poetry is a camera on the heart of Titanic Beautiful but tormented Acclaimed and cursed My poetry is an anchor and a mast a tsunami and a covenant […]

Here I Go,Once Again

There’s a time When I sit down Stop writing I look at the cuts On my wrist Razorblade cuts On my neck And staring at my words Wondering why I do this Why I tell you What only god knows Breathing slowly Despite rapid heartbeats Why I love her Or hate her It depends on […]