The Story Of We

We could never come back too deep in our own misery they pushed us away and into each other’s arms our own secret marriage was more than we could’ve asked for this world is so cold with days chilled with the blood of the night’s extravagance I have another, but you’re the only that takes […]

Walking Against The Traffic: My Life On The Spectrum

The lights are everywhere and they bother me too many, too sudden and glaring bright, they make it hard to see the cars speed past, kicking up dust along the way they stare at me in silence but I have nothing to say they eat into my soul these people I don’t know and I […]

Six Minutes And Forty Two Seconds

 Underneath artificial lights of lamps down the steep drop of York Road I called again tonight to listen in to this newly discovered soul Someone says she’s always happy to hear this voice but it’s only truly real when you listen for yourself and hear the elation of two minds appreciating the creation of something […]

Dear WordPress, I Start My First Job Today!

Today marks a HUGE milestone for me: The beginning of my very first job! After years of rejected applications and botched interviews, I didn’t think I’d get hired. But, that’s why God’s good. Just when you think you’ve failed, he opens a door and lifts you up. I came in two weeks ago, thinking I […]