What If I Told You

  What if I told you I wasn’t alone and I had been lying to you like her I like you (I adore you) You’re a good person (You’re my everything) I think I’ll see you soon (I love you already) The darkness peels back as the fabrics fall off silky skin Clothing lies in […]

Death Calls From Not Long Ago

Raw lines slip from the corner of thawed eyes shattered in slowness of overwhelming disgrace streaming from my face goes the purity I once called breath now I am inhabited by gorges and craters that leave me speechless vast emptiness unexplained unfulfilled except for when paper is placed before me and I have a certain […]

Sung The Blues, Swallowed Them Too

stunning seconds of solitude come from broken breaths heartbeats come less space between your ears widens deepens falling off the radar you are because nobody wanted to see the misery professionals couldn’t explain the pain just give him two of those three of these a shot of that he will stop foaming eventually so I […]