Wishing You A Happy Death Day

63 dreams for sale

Taking you east, and you can’t fail

Then do not enter

Waking up is no miracle

Only a frivolous curse

Come in, we’re open

Now where should we cut first

Grilling your everything, even what you’re not

You run around the earth, hoping it’ll stop

Highland is lowland for everyone not rich

Cut your schedules, shorten your days

Yet claim to appreciate, you little bitch

Community? Nobody thinks alike

And press hard enough, you’ll die

Art is a token of intelligence

But snorting condoms is a trend

So it’s no wonder we can’t ride or write

And hardly defend this country’s worth

You’ve heard it once, now hear it again

There’s nothing fabulous about ignorance

Don’t slam my instagram with your two cents

Kids die so the rich stay rich

Black people die cause they hate us anyway

Gays spawn laughs cause it’s 1949

Women, stay at home until you die

We’re so fucked up in every way

Sometimes I want someone

To wish us a happy death day


Swirling Clouds Of Rage



don’t let the sun

go down on your anger

but by the looks of my heart

the situations couldn’t be any plainer


never cared about me

robbed my soul, took my spirit, and lost the key

stripped me of something I could never see

but entrusted to you so faithfully


where is it now

in the depths beneath, or above in clouds

I’m the left speechless, because it can’t be found

backed into a wall, nine millimeter with no rounds


stole my life like a hit down the foul line

I never believed it would happen to me

but sitting alone in this empty room

fate loves to swoon, then ruin you soon


standing near the river, waters crystal clear

driven far away from the one I thought most dear

now the fish nibble at the water

for the flesh of a father

Once and For All, Torn Apart


deep underneath the guise

of dedication to fortune and fame

is the hollowed out heart

suffocating on its own misfortune and shame

will crushed into powder

to keep up the hallucination

of their minds ultimate game

of hunter and creation

spirit and soul

turned against each other

a stone to the head silences any doubt

Cain has killed his brother

sometimes I wonder

why I was even born

what is my purpose than to boil

in the cosmic soup of my own scorn

why do I love to hate myself so

beat my lungs until I’m sore

with words and writings

of a car crashed soul

there’s no where to put

this blood I’m losing

out of madness comes bruising

and organs shipped in cooling containers

because I’m basically tearing myself apart

these heavy breaths are the floating ark

in the flood of my heart

once and for all, torn apart

Silence Heals My Insane


There’s a silence

That heals the insane

The wild, racing part of me

Never kept in check

By a voracious heartbeat

Dying to love you more

But hiding it all in life

Manic meltdowns

Leading to tear soaked pages

And curses uttered

From bottomless agony

Never meant to harm

But to release me

From the grapple of

The darkness

I still somehow

Can’t escape