Wishing You A Happy Death Day

63 dreams for sale Taking you east, and you can’t fail Then do not enter Waking up is no miracle Only a frivolous curse Come in, we’re open Now where should we cut first Grilling your everything, even what you’re not You run around the earth, hoping it’ll stop Highland is lowland for everyone not […]

Once and For All, Torn Apart

deep underneath the guise of dedication to fortune and fame is the hollowed out heart suffocating on its own misfortune and shame will crushed into powder to keep up the hallucination of their minds ultimate game of hunter and creation spirit and soul turned against each other a stone to the head silences any doubt […]

Silence Heals My Insane

There’s a silence That heals the insane The wild, racing part of me Never kept in check By a voracious heartbeat Dying to love you more But hiding it all in life Manic meltdowns Leading to tear soaked pages And curses uttered From bottomless agony Never meant to harm But to release me From the […]