Vessel Of Troubled Thoughts

The method of my madness Is the confidence in blackness In a meadow of white flowers Some roses, some saps In a forest of unintelligible raps Small, handcrafted lines don’t stand a chance And they never gave me one, no endorsement But with patience and practice I absorbed it Now wherever I go I pen […]

What Words Bring

I had to get rid of me To find Me The suicidal depressions And disappointment brewed From pornographic misconceptions The boiling, bawling anger I couldn’t control Tearing myself from the flesh I called home Descending into the valley, alone I couldn’t come out until I figured how Embrace my unique in a cookie cutter world […]

Bored (Simply Writing About Autism)

I became bored Simply writing about autism I felt like every one else Just going on about the downfalls The misery, the mistakes It shouldn’t be ignored But it has its place I call it An Aspergian’s Chemical Romance Because I mix love with the acidic burn Of a childhood gone to waste The adoration […]

What Does It Mean

I want to be friends But I’m a terrible friend I reply But what does it mean to reply? Is it simply agreeing Or following the hints at a greater point? I don’t know I want to be loved But I’m a terrible lover I love But I honestly can’t explain the feeling And I […]

Without Words, Who Am I

I’m falling into wordless whispers Rap and pop filled nights Paint a picture behind these bridges Behind the words of these writes I’m angered, I’m restless In the pursuit of the passion For these words there is no detour This endless highway I will forever traverse In these words, they can’t get to me Stand […]

Let’s Talk About Love

Let’s talk about love The familiarity of closeness Through the drum of devotion Beating mercilessly into the nights Full of mercy and grace From the gratitude to be in place To be in this place, with you Never further, never closer Always at the right place and time Beating my conscious daily Because you’re always […]

Ink Marks The Pain I Crave

Bloodshot eyes Tremble under the weight of light Stuck to bed for two days Three nights Swollen lips, burning head I’ve gone astray Some way, somehow Waging war against the body of mine Time after time we devour the lies The graveyards mark our disdain For truth Stars twinkling in the infinity on high Lead […]

My Impossible Year

I’ve lost all hope in humanity because I’ve lost all hope in me I’m weaker than the dust lost to the winds of the poorest farmer I’m filthier than the eyes of the thief always looking over his back I’m the Katrina to your poorly constructed soul And the Trump to your easily distracted mind […]